Guest Post: 10 Things Readers Hate Hearing

Hey guys! I know being a reader can be tough at times. You have to get through anxious chapters and find time to read but nothing compares to to hearing the most ridiculous things related to being a reader. TheBooksBratz and i teamed up and came up with 10 most common things readers hate hearing.
1. "Put down the book and talk to us." -Mom
2. "So, what's that book about?" *They say this as we're trying to read*
3. "You read?" -Everyone
4. "All you want to do is read!" *When you don't want to go out Friday night*
5. "Is this the book about..." *and they butcher the whole plot line*
6. You’re STILL reading that?
*yes! i’m still reading that because not everyone has super sonic reading ability.*
7. It took you 5 hours to read that? It took me like 2 hours to read that.
8. You buy books way too often.
9. Why read when you can watch the movie?
10. Why are you reading the back before you buy it? Thats too much reading.

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Review: The One Thing by Marci Lyn Curtis

Brief Description

A recently blind girl who's struggling with accepting the fact that she's now blind can suddenly see but it's only a ten year old boy named Ben.

Hands down loved this book. I went into this book with curiosity and no expectations but i felt that even if i did have high expectations the book would’ve exceeded them because it was that good.

Theres an amazing display of a friendship that has a wide age gap. Stories like this are often shown more so on tv but rarely in books so i was glad to read something of this sort. It’s important that people know it isn’t really weird to have friends that are like 11 when you’re 20. I think people only view it wrong because they’re thinking of it romantically and its often not the case. (You would be surprised how much you have in common with a 10/11 year old.)
The focus was not just on her friendship with Ben but also her relationship with the family and the love interest of his older brother. Theres also a focus on her relationships with her own family and friends before and after she became blind and i just absolutely loved it. 
There is a central theme of acceptance and it was displayed very well because it’s showing her accepting the situation she’s in and it’s a gradual thing so this book definitely shows that acceptance takes time.
I love how facts on blindness and Ben’s disease, i forgot what its called, is brought up not in a straight forward informative way but usually in a lighthearted manner or in a conversation to inform a character about it.

The writing is phenomenal. I usually don’t talk about writing because thats a preference thing but i want to mention that i’m not a fan of poetic writing because if its not done right it can come off as dramatic and unrealistic but with Marci Lyn Curtis’ writing it wasn’t too easy but neither was it difficult or poetic. For me thats extremely hard to find in a book and i consider that an excellent writing style.

The one thing (pun intended) i seriously didn’t like about this book was how it ended. I felt that such an original and heartfelt story like this should not have a cliche ending but it does unfortunately.
I also thought that her friendships with her friends before she was blind  or how she felt about her old friends could’ve been shown more because i felt like it was only brought up to fill time space in the book.

Overall i highly recommend this book. It’s on my list for releases coming soon. It comes out September 8th, you should get it because i sure will.

Still want to check it out yourself?     

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Review: Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon

Brief Description

A girl named Madeline who was diagnosed with SIDS by her caretaker and loving mother realizes she doesn’t want to live in a bubble all her life when not-so-bad-boy Olly moves in next door.

This book is its title because it was everything. Anyone who follows me on Twitter ( if you haven’t already, follow me. 


knows that i was practically obsessed with it’s release and was fortunate enough to get an eARC of it. Me receiving the arc to it in no way is affecting my opinions on it. I just really enjoyed this book so pardon me if i "praise" it a bit.

It can easily be described as the kind of book that makes you feel warm inside. It’s cute and interesting and an overall fun read. I love how strong Madeline, the main character is from start to finish and she’s not strong in the sense like Katniss Everdeen or any kind of high fantasy lead female character. She’s strong in the sense of a real life teen girl who’s in a tough predicament. She has SIDS as explained in the brief description and so she’s literally been living in a “bubble” her whole life. She doesn’t get to go outside and head to the mall and do all that fun stuff that just seems like a piece of cake to us but for her thats like entering an already known fatal war zone. She just can’t. But like i said she’s strong and levelheaded from start to finish even though it does take her time to realize her own strength. Especially in the end (i can’t stop talking about how much i loved the ending). 
I also want to point out some great things about our main male character Olly, who is downright adorable.I found it was cute how Olly though he gave off a typical bad boy vibe he wasn’t a typical bad boy. And what i’ve realized with that in books lately is that men or boys (which ever you call them) are always bad or good. There is no grey area or mixed personality that derives from the norm when it comes to male characters and this could go for some female characters too. But anyways, i enjoyed his presence. 

Besides all this talk of main or leading characters i like how there weren’t many characters in this book so you could focus on the characters already presented. 

As much as i loved Olly and Madeline’s relationship i’m gonna have to say that i think their romance happened a little too fast. It’s understandable on Madeline’s part since Olly’s the first man of her age she’s encountered in years.I just truly think that if their relationship started off as a strong friendship, not a long drawn out one, but that instant connection that was not immediately recognized romantically it would’ve been a lot more enjoyable. 
This is the first interracial book i’ve ever read that didn’t really establish or have the characters aware of the racial difference which i’m not sure if thats a good thing. Especially since she’s never come in contact with any other people than her mother, her nurse and occasionally one of her teachers. I found it weird because people who are more sheltered are usually the ones most likely to take notice and talk about race. 

Anyhow, Everything Everything was genuinely a good read. Though it was a little bit like those poetic romance stories it lived up to my high expectations towards the end. It comes out September 1st (exactly a week from this post) so be sure to get it because i will be getting it too. 

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Review: Landline by Rainbow Rowell

Brief Description

Through a rocky point in her marriage, Georgie McCool, discovers the ability to talk to her husband from the past through an old telephone.

I read landline in the month of June and bought it from book outlet. I have heard of this book prior to reading it and when i had read the synopsis during that hype i had misread it and thought she went back in time literally through her phone.
But what made me buy it you ask? Well i read the synopsis again and this time it made a lot more sense…Plus the cover is seriously so gorgeous and i couldn’t help myself.

But besides having a lovely cover i could only give this book a 2.8 stars.

I don’t have much good things to say but its good things nevertheless.
The characters were decent and because of how average they were it contributed to the realistic sense of having a telephone that could allow you to speak to someone in the past. 

The best parts for me were only the beginning and ending. Most of the stuff in the middle blended together in my memory because it was just about her talking about the kind of guy her husband was in the past. Which could be sum’d up in a sentence. “A simple guy without a plan but falls in love with a girl who has a plan.”

Some of the flashbacks or often times the monologues about how her husband was in the past were kind of boring. In fact, i had to skip quite a lot of pages because of that.
There were one or two scenes that made my heart race and made my palms all sweaty but for the most part it was very dull so i definitely wouldn’t recommend it to get out of a reading slump. 

Maybe i didn’t find it very interesting because its targeted to adults who are having relationship issues or what not but i’m glad that me wanting to know how it would end pushed me through to finish this.

Still want to check it out yourself?     

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Let's Discuss: Being Original

(This was suppose to say being original but i was eating so my mind was in a different place)

Recently, one of my favorite bloggers TheBookBratz made a post stating someone stole her idea and how originality should be encouraged in the blogging community. And of course, we all know what comes next when someone tries to encourage something from the norm. 

While reading a lot of blog posts on it and responses to it, it made me think things like, is it okay to not be original? Where and when should we pin point on originality?

To my first question. No. I don’t think its okay to not be original. Even if you aren’t original, aim to be
Thats my problem with majority of the posts i’m seeing. “Oh its okay to not be original because every idea is from someone else’s” or “Oh top ten posts aren’t original so why are we talking about originality” or “All this originality talk is making me afraid to do this and that.”
And it really depresses me seeing stuff like this because as someone who’s soon to graduate (class of 2017 whoop whoop) and in preparations to write a college letter. I’m going to aim to be original. You think i’m going to write what my good friend Sally May did in her college letter she sent in last year and got accepted into Harvard?
No. I don’t care if Sally May wrote the best letter in all of the entire galaxy. I’m not going to copy her because of her success. And its a lot like book blogging and booktube. Because we all want success we feel the need to copy and thats why ideas get so popular and common.
However some do copy because its fun and informational like Top Ten Wednesdays and i won’t dismiss that.

Which brings me to my next question. Where and when should we pin point on originality? 
All the time.
But wait, i also take part in doing common blog posts so how can i say we should pin point originality, all the time?
The thing is for an idea that is widely popular and common its hard to tell who it originally came from so you can’t exactly give them the credit where its due.
But its fair to say that if there is an uncommon idea and you steal it then you either need some originality or some manners to ask.
Thats why i don’t know why this needs to be discussed. TheBookBratz had an uncommon idea, shared it, the person saw it and stole it.

Then another question comes up. What if you really thought of the idea yourself?
This made me think of the time i made a wattpad cover to my story and i kid you not i saw someone with the a very very very very similar cover. I got so mad i bombarded their messages and said “you need to take this down because its my idea. You used my cover and added some extra stuff to it.”
And then they said, “Um no? I made this cover myself.”
And it made me so mad because i just kept thinking, there is no way someone could possible have such a similar idea to mine and i even thought about taking my own cover down but i didn’t want to give them that satisfaction.
Then i later thought two months after their story got more famous then mine, but what if they really did have the same idea as me or what if i had the same idea as them?

Thankfully blogging is a lot more easier than wattpad. So if you’re truly in doubt and afraid to copy someone, google the title. 

I really wanted to talk about this because though its hard to be original. Always aim to be it. If theres a uncommon idea you saw and truly want to do the same, don’t be shady and just ask the person if you could the same thing. Because if really know someone and saw their uncommon and totally original idea and then proceed to take it, you’re not in category of people who “just happened to have the same idea.” You’re a thief and you’re going to be labelled one whether you’re a big or small blogger. 

Additionally, I really don’t like this whole “oh its a big deal because its a big blogger.” I’ve never ever thought of thebookbratz as a big blogger and just tweeted them like i would tweet anyone.  And thats the thing too. When you focus on thinking things like “oh wow he or she is a big blogger and this or that” you’re putting a wall between yourself and normal people. Thats why you fear doing an idea. It’s not because its original or not, we all probably did something we thought was original and later found out someone thought about it already.

You’re bound to copy someone unintentionally once or twice or even more than that in your life but you should want to be original. You should want people to go on your blog and have their own thoughts on why they like it. 

Original ideas is what us as humans come up with to progress and become better so aim to be someone who’s unique.

Let's Discuss: Can you be an author and a reviewer?

Ever since I started writing my book (with the mindset of one day publishing it) I started to question that if it's ever published, will I be able to continue reviewing books?

I asked this because there is the impression that if another author talks about another author's books in a negative manner, it's only bashing or hating on them. It seems to be morally wrong because they're both authors, they have to be mature and they have to acknowledge that both of them worked hard on their books. 
As of right now as I'm writing this, I'm a reviewer so it's okay to talk about an author's books whether positively or negatively. But say what if tomorrow I'm an author. Will the review I wrote yesterday was not positive will it be attacked and discarded? It's not rare for a reviewer to say a negative thing or two or often times more than that,about a book. They do this so authors can take it in as criticism and feedback so they can be aware for the next book they're planning to write. But if you're both an author and reviewer it's most likely looked down upon. 
I've seen quite a few book bloggers/reviewers who are authors or authors in process reviewing books and haven't seen anyone attack them. I think it's because their not big authors and that's why it's not bothersome. Or because many people don't know they're authors.
So is it that you can be just any kind of author and review books? And if you can, does it depend on your popularity status?
I've been genuinely curious about this for sometime and I would really love to hear as much thoughts on it as possible. 

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