Let's Discuss: Can you be an author and a reviewer?

Ever since I started writing my book (with the mindset of one day publishing it) I started to question that if it's ever published, will I be able to continue reviewing books?

I asked this because there is the impression that if another author talks about another author's books in a negative manner, it's only bashing or hating on them. It seems to be morally wrong because they're both authors, they have to be mature and they have to acknowledge that both of them worked hard on their books. 
As of right now as I'm writing this, I'm a reviewer so it's okay to talk about an author's books whether positively or negatively. But say what if tomorrow I'm an author. Will the review I wrote yesterday was not positive will it be attacked and discarded? It's not rare for a reviewer to say a negative thing or two or often times more than that,about a book. They do this so authors can take it in as criticism and feedback so they can be aware for the next book they're planning to write. But if you're both an author and reviewer it's most likely looked down upon. 
I've seen quite a few book bloggers/reviewers who are authors or authors in process reviewing books and haven't seen anyone attack them. I think it's because their not big authors and that's why it's not bothersome. Or because many people don't know they're authors.
So is it that you can be just any kind of author and review books? And if you can, does it depend on your popularity status?
I've been genuinely curious about this for sometime and I would really love to hear as much thoughts on it as possible. 

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