Review: Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

Brief Description
Maybe Someday is about a college girl who finds out from her neighbor that her boyfriend is cheating on her with her roommate on her birthday. Her neighbor generously lets her stay in his apartment and feelings start to blossom.
I went into this book with no expectations whats so ever and i was not the least bit disappointed. The writing is simply fantastic and the chemistry between Ridge and Sydney? unexplainably amazing. It wasn’t just realistic but also heartfelt without being corny or sounding too poetic.Dispute Ridge’s circumstances around him being deaf he found numerous ways to connect with Sydney without even talking. Also i’m completely in love with Ridge and his passion for music. The book’s focus was definitely music and i’m glad it didn’t stray from that even towards the end. Sydney is a great character, she’s a wonderful example of an understanding person when it comes to dealing with Ridge and also Maggie. I was glad i got to read some positive girl friendships this month.

What i also found realistic was the relationships among the characters not just between the two main ones but their friends and others like Warren, Bridgette and Maggie. Like i said in my The Game Of Love And Death review is that relationships aren’t always black or white and that grey area really needs to show. Conflicting and difficult relationships happen and the book shows a bit of that with Ridge and his girlfriend Maggie along with Warren and Bridgette. 
Though the story was compelling it was drawn out a bit towards the end. The ending was beautiful and left me in a state of longing in my loneliness its just many things that happened prior to it was extra fluff that didn’t need to be drawn out, there could’ve been a bit of a time skip even to erase that. 

I love Ridge and Sydney with all my heart but they cried…too much. Even at times where i thought it was unnecessary. It took away the feeling of majority of the scenes that happened a lot later in the book because three pages before that they were crying too. 

Ridge’s brother was always mentioned but hardly shown yet i still liked his character. I really felt his character could’ve had more importance to the story and to Ridge so that way we could’ve truly gotten some family feel that wasn’t physically shown in the book.

Overall the story was fantastic, i highly enjoy romance novels such as this one and i recommend it to those who enjoy romance novels too. 
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