Review: The One Thing by Marci Lyn Curtis

Brief Description

A recently blind girl who's struggling with accepting the fact that she's now blind can suddenly see but it's only a ten year old boy named Ben.

Hands down loved this book. I went into this book with curiosity and no expectations but i felt that even if i did have high expectations the book would’ve exceeded them because it was that good.

Theres an amazing display of a friendship that has a wide age gap. Stories like this are often shown more so on tv but rarely in books so i was glad to read something of this sort. It’s important that people know it isn’t really weird to have friends that are like 11 when you’re 20. I think people only view it wrong because they’re thinking of it romantically and its often not the case. (You would be surprised how much you have in common with a 10/11 year old.)
The focus was not just on her friendship with Ben but also her relationship with the family and the love interest of his older brother. Theres also a focus on her relationships with her own family and friends before and after she became blind and i just absolutely loved it. 
There is a central theme of acceptance and it was displayed very well because it’s showing her accepting the situation she’s in and it’s a gradual thing so this book definitely shows that acceptance takes time.
I love how facts on blindness and Ben’s disease, i forgot what its called, is brought up not in a straight forward informative way but usually in a lighthearted manner or in a conversation to inform a character about it.

The writing is phenomenal. I usually don’t talk about writing because thats a preference thing but i want to mention that i’m not a fan of poetic writing because if its not done right it can come off as dramatic and unrealistic but with Marci Lyn Curtis’ writing it wasn’t too easy but neither was it difficult or poetic. For me thats extremely hard to find in a book and i consider that an excellent writing style.

The one thing (pun intended) i seriously didn’t like about this book was how it ended. I felt that such an original and heartfelt story like this should not have a cliche ending but it does unfortunately.
I also thought that her friendships with her friends before she was blind  or how she felt about her old friends could’ve been shown more because i felt like it was only brought up to fill time space in the book.

Overall i highly recommend this book. It’s on my list for releases coming soon. It comes out September 8th, you should get it because i sure will.

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