Review: Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon

Brief Description

A girl named Madeline who was diagnosed with SIDS by her caretaker and loving mother realizes she doesn’t want to live in a bubble all her life when not-so-bad-boy Olly moves in next door.

This book is its title because it was everything. Anyone who follows me on Twitter ( if you haven’t already, follow me. 


knows that i was practically obsessed with it’s release and was fortunate enough to get an eARC of it. Me receiving the arc to it in no way is affecting my opinions on it. I just really enjoyed this book so pardon me if i "praise" it a bit.

It can easily be described as the kind of book that makes you feel warm inside. It’s cute and interesting and an overall fun read. I love how strong Madeline, the main character is from start to finish and she’s not strong in the sense like Katniss Everdeen or any kind of high fantasy lead female character. She’s strong in the sense of a real life teen girl who’s in a tough predicament. She has SIDS as explained in the brief description and so she’s literally been living in a “bubble” her whole life. She doesn’t get to go outside and head to the mall and do all that fun stuff that just seems like a piece of cake to us but for her thats like entering an already known fatal war zone. She just can’t. But like i said she’s strong and levelheaded from start to finish even though it does take her time to realize her own strength. Especially in the end (i can’t stop talking about how much i loved the ending). 
I also want to point out some great things about our main male character Olly, who is downright adorable.I found it was cute how Olly though he gave off a typical bad boy vibe he wasn’t a typical bad boy. And what i’ve realized with that in books lately is that men or boys (which ever you call them) are always bad or good. There is no grey area or mixed personality that derives from the norm when it comes to male characters and this could go for some female characters too. But anyways, i enjoyed his presence. 

Besides all this talk of main or leading characters i like how there weren’t many characters in this book so you could focus on the characters already presented. 

As much as i loved Olly and Madeline’s relationship i’m gonna have to say that i think their romance happened a little too fast. It’s understandable on Madeline’s part since Olly’s the first man of her age she’s encountered in years.I just truly think that if their relationship started off as a strong friendship, not a long drawn out one, but that instant connection that was not immediately recognized romantically it would’ve been a lot more enjoyable. 
This is the first interracial book i’ve ever read that didn’t really establish or have the characters aware of the racial difference which i’m not sure if thats a good thing. Especially since she’s never come in contact with any other people than her mother, her nurse and occasionally one of her teachers. I found it weird because people who are more sheltered are usually the ones most likely to take notice and talk about race. 

Anyhow, Everything Everything was genuinely a good read. Though it was a little bit like those poetic romance stories it lived up to my high expectations towards the end. It comes out September 1st (exactly a week from this post) so be sure to get it because i will be getting it too. 

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