Review: Landline by Rainbow Rowell

Brief Description

Through a rocky point in her marriage, Georgie McCool, discovers the ability to talk to her husband from the past through an old telephone.

I read landline in the month of June and bought it from book outlet. I have heard of this book prior to reading it and when i had read the synopsis during that hype i had misread it and thought she went back in time literally through her phone.
But what made me buy it you ask? Well i read the synopsis again and this time it made a lot more sense…Plus the cover is seriously so gorgeous and i couldn’t help myself.

But besides having a lovely cover i could only give this book a 2.8 stars.

I don’t have much good things to say but its good things nevertheless.
The characters were decent and because of how average they were it contributed to the realistic sense of having a telephone that could allow you to speak to someone in the past. 

The best parts for me were only the beginning and ending. Most of the stuff in the middle blended together in my memory because it was just about her talking about the kind of guy her husband was in the past. Which could be sum’d up in a sentence. “A simple guy without a plan but falls in love with a girl who has a plan.”

Some of the flashbacks or often times the monologues about how her husband was in the past were kind of boring. In fact, i had to skip quite a lot of pages because of that.
There were one or two scenes that made my heart race and made my palms all sweaty but for the most part it was very dull so i definitely wouldn’t recommend it to get out of a reading slump. 

Maybe i didn’t find it very interesting because its targeted to adults who are having relationship issues or what not but i’m glad that me wanting to know how it would end pushed me through to finish this.

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  1. I am so glad I am not the only one who didn't like it! I read her other books so I thought I would enjoy this but it did not appeal to me.

    1. Same! I read fangirl and loved it so i encouraged myself to read some of her other books and unfortunately didn't find the synopsis to Attachments or Eleanor And Park interesting so i picked up Landline instead and -sigh- didn't like it either.


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