Guest Post: A Short Story Including Characters From Books

Characters Used:
Clary and Jace (TMI)
Hazel (TFIOS)
Katniss (THG)
Percy Jackson(PJO)
Celaena (ToG)

Everything In The End

Edward stood nervously at the first step, leading up to Hazel's house. The rush of party goers brushed past him and up the steps, but another stood hesitantly beside the vampire.

"Hey Katniss." He looked over and found her sporting her usual long braid and looked into her eyes.

"You ready?" She asked nodding toward the front door, and slowly Edward found the courage to take those steps and into a house of humans.

The party was either in the living room jumping and fist pumping to the music blasting from the speakers with the tv on mute-some old eighties movie was playing-or scattered around the house drinking from red plastic cups and talking. "Edward!" Thomas yelled from behind the kitchen island beckoned Edward over and handed him a cup. 

Edward stared at the contents within the cup, and handed it to Katniss who drank it all in three gulps. She coughed and smiled, and Edward slowly shook his head. 

He didn't need the alcohol. 

He leaves the two as they began to get too cuddly with each other. They did both share attractive ruggedness to themselves. 

Around a corner and into a hallway, a familiar couple stood against the wall, talking. "Edie!" Clary squealed as she practically skipped on over to Edward. Her red hairy bouncing. "I'm so glad you're here. You should get out more." 

Jace walked over with his hands in his jean pockets with a grin upon his face. He pulled Edward into a hug and patted his back. "Glad you're here bro." Edward smiles and laughs awkwardly.

"End of the World parties are my favorite." Edward says and the three laugh. But their shared laugh diminished and the hallway became nothing but awkward silence. "I should really get going." Sadness fell on Clary's face and Edward turned to leave before he asked, "Have you by chance seen Hazel anywhere?" 

Clary and Jace both smiled knowingly of Edward's not-secret-crush on Hazel. "She's outside."

Quickly Edward twisted through the crowd of teenagers dance the night away and drinking like there was no tomorrow. 

There really would be no tomorrow. Edward still hadn't processed the idea of the world ending tomorrow at dawn. Maybe it was the fact that he had lived for more than a century and had grown to love the idea of death, but now death was staring at him in the face. Awaiting him. He pulled open the sliding glass door and walked out into the large, open backyard. It was unusually quiet. 

Couples sat together on top of the few picnic table spread across the grass and other people from school sat everywhere. They were all staring up at the sky. He stuffed his hands into pockets and kept his head low, but high enough to look for Hazel. Tobias stood against the massive tree with Celaena and Percy at his sides. He steered away from Hazel and toward his friends. "What a party." He says. 

"Look at all those falling stars. It's now, in this moment, that i can feel the everything." Celaena said, her eyes still glued to the sky. Edward understood everything, he felt everything and just as everything felt like it was his, it would all be ripped away soon. 

The four looked up and found the sky changing color, the darkness of the night became purple and black and blue and grey over and over again. The falling stars streaked the sky and it all reminded them of Van Gogh's Starry Night. Fireworks began to blast up toward the falling sky toward the end of the existence. Where life and death collided. Where soon it would dawn on them. Hazel sat on a lonely picnic table, sitting at the edge. Her hands gripped at the edge and her legs dangling. "Edward." She said surprisingly. 

He smiled and sat next to her. And his hand accidentally brushed past hers. He didn't have to speak for Hazel to know everything because his eyes spoke for him. Pouring every single emotion and feeling she gave him. She gave him everything in only a few short months and now, as she sat in the crumbling moonlight, under a falling sky, her warm eyes spoke too. She raised her hand up toward his face and pulled him closer. A blast came from the sky and a bright shining light appeared. 

But nothing could pull apart everything they had waited for. Something that only they could share. Everything collided as his lips met hers, and the ground shook. The stars fell. The sky crumbled and the light grew brighter. Everything was silent and dark. 

Soon everything became nothing and the last thought that crossed Edwards head was Hazel. Hazel was everything. 

And now, they were merely specks of dust within the galaxy, forever.

Author's Note
Hi, I'm Andrew(or Drew)! I read, i write, i blog. You can find me wrapped in a blanket while reading and sipping a cup of coffee or binge watching Netflix. I can honestly say i'm a book hoarder, but who isn't? Music is a big part of my life and reading experience. You can find me tweeting @heyiamdivergent / Instagraming @endlessly_reading / and writing on Wattpad @roxsas14 

I hope you enjoy my short little story with a bunch of character from different awesome novels, with a dash of romance and the end of the world! Enjoy!


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