Can You Keep A Secret by Sophie Kinsella Review

can you keep a secret

Can you keep a secret? I can…depending on how big it is. If its something small you can count on me to not blab.However, if its something big it takes everything in me to not jump up on a table and yell it out to the world. Unlike our main character in Can You Keep A Secret she has no restraint with her own secrets as she felt compelled to tell all of them to a stranger on a plain who later she founds out is the head of the company she works for. I gave this funny and easy to read novel 3.2 stars.

The Good
The main character, Emma Corrigan, is hardworking and very independent but also at the same time vulnerable and has a quirky personality that intrigues Jack Harper.I really like how relatable she comes off as the secrets she keep aren’t something big and overwhelming but small things she likes to keep to herself. It’s very realistic in this sense. I also enjoyed the family aspect of this. Often times families are not shown in YA or contemporary novels. Jack Harper was iffy to me at some points as he does misunderstands but overall he does understand a lot of things about her that she didn’t know her self. I think this book did really good replicating some real relationships. Sometimes there will be miscommunication but you should work it out. 

The Bad
I don’t remember much of it and i’m pretty sure its because its so similar to other quirky and fun romance novels. It’s basically an average or a little above average romance. Don’t get me wrong its very good and cute but nothing that stands out or separates from any other romantic books. It definitely calmed me when i finished Half Bad and before i read Shadow and Bone. Both books that did give me a bit of anxiety so its good to have a predictable book to read.

I recommend for those who also want to read a fun and easy book before going into heavy action.

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