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I’m fairly new to book reviewing. Not really since i have a youtube channel but i’m still exploring the ways of it and learning what works for me..and what doesn’t. Based on that i decided to create this blog just to have a more clean cut, well explained and somewhat longer reviews about books i’ve read. It’s so much easier to type why i gave the rating i did in text than making what will result in a 4 minute explanation video.
What is my rating system then?
My rating system is the usual 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Kinda boring, i know, but it works best. Now, i give 5s. Some don’t. Thats fine. Though, when i first started i thought i was such a noob for giving 5s and tried to find negative things about a book so i can rate it lower. Absolutely horrible. Don’t do it cause you’re not entirely being honest. If you think a book is good with few problems. Then give it what you want! In which my case, is the kind of books i give a five. Fours are usually great plots but a little bit more than few problems. Threes. Oh wow i kind of use threes a lot and in different reasons but its usually when a book has a okay plot but with fantastic characters. If i give a two its because i absolutely couldn’t find anything good about a book but there was a potential great idea in it. I rarely give ones just because every author puts in effort in their books. Not every author though in which case i’d have to give a one…but to me, just finish writing a book is effort and i would never not acknowledge that.
In a typical review my explanation for my rating system would come after i talk about my likes and dislikes about the book. What i like about written reviews is that i can go into lengthy paragraphs on my likes because my likes usually overpower my dislikes. And thats not because i’m just an abominable easy to please reader. But then again, thats reviewing. Its about your opinion and thoughts and if i like what i’m reading, i like what i’m reading. I didn’t really learn that concept until the beginning of this year when i realized that i bought a ton of books last year solely based on Booktube and me wanting to be more included in the Booktube community. And theres nothing wrong with that. But i was clouded with the thoughts of others’ opinions that i didn’t read the synopsis of the books i was buying to see if i would like them. So in my reviews thats key. To talk about my opinions with explanations for it while also keeping it short. Because lets face it. Who reads long reviews anymore?
I do sometimes now that i think about it.

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