Review: Boywatching by Chloe Bennet

Got to read this from Netgalley and honestly had hopes but unfortunately was gravely disappointed.

Brief Description
It’s the story of Chloe “Bennet” and a year of her high school life involving teaming up with her friends to study various boys they’re interested in in order not to repeat a misfortune that happened to them the previous year at a dance where they had disastrous dates and publicly embarrassing moments.

The Good
Loved the concept of this book first off cause it gave me that Camp Confidential cross over with Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snoggings feel so its more of the reason why this book is 2.9. Could’ve, would’ve, should’ve been a 3 but obviously it wasn’t and i will get to that soon.
 Chloe is a bright girl and it shows when she created the idea of boy watching to chart the best dates for her and her friends for the dance. I loved how she gave points to Mark just for reading a book she’s read and like (It’s just something i would’ve done too.) Chloe also is very strong for dealing with things like bullying from the typical mean girl and also forgiving which not many teens in novels have. Not only do i like her but also her friends. I love how different they are and how different their families are which showed this overview of connectedness in a way.

The Bad
I don’t think i would ever have to say this but, it was mostly about her and her friend’s families. Half of the book are long drawn out parts of her day and unnecessary actions that did not help the plot. Like her friends and her band. They just had random practices with no goal. It’s not even like they were preparing a battle of the bands to compete against one of Chloe’s friends crushes who’s also in a band. Or to even perform at their school dance. It just happened a lot for no reason.
Chloe also has a lot of comments and thoughts about the things she says such as her grammar and use of big words. It just didn’t do it for me to express her love for writing and reading. It just felt…annoying. 
There wasn’t much communication between Chloe and Mark so i literally had the most straight faced reaction and was a little like “ok…” at the ending. The reason for that is there was a lot of focus on everyone else’s relationships which resulted in my interest in Amy and Charlie’s relationship than anyone else.

The book had the potential of being something interesting and decent but i couldn’t see it as a decent book because i had to skip most of it. So much could’ve been taken out and so much could’ve been aded. Even if it would’ve went a little cliche it would’ve been better than the abundance of unneeded and boring events that happened.

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